Your community foundation at 20 years

August 30, 2017

This year, we've joined with donors, volunteers, community leaders, and many other friends and neighbors to celebrate Adirondack Foundation's 20 years of service to the region.

We've been busier than normal -- visiting with local government leaders, meeting with grant recipients and donors to get a firsthand look at your generosity at work, convening with other regional funders, networking with nonprofit partners -- all with the goal of increasing our impact over the next 20 years.

E plurbus unum. Out of many there is one. That civic tradition is the foundation of our aspirational vision for the Adirondack region, and it's been on full display this year as we visit places like Ticonderoga, Plattsburgh, Malone, and so many more where local heroes are contributing time, talent, and treasure to strengthen their community.

Adirondack Foundation's goal, from our early days as a small community trust to the present day as a regional grantmaker entrusted with over $50 million in charitable assets, is to stregnthen all of our region's communities. We believe we can get there, over time and together. We believe because of all of you: your dedication to the region’s communities and nonprofits; your service as Board members, staff, and volunteers; and your service as elected officials and good neighbors.

Every minute we spend with our children and grandchildren, bring companionship to an elder,  welcome a visitor to the Adirondacks for the first time, encourage a young person to reach for her full potential—we are getting a little closer to that vision. Together we will keep to this task of building our communities and we will do it always with civility, compassion and in the spirit of collaboration. Today, tomorrow, and always.

-- Cali Brooks, President & CEO, Adirondack Foundation


nicely said cali! thank you to you and all of your dedicated staff, friends, etc. who are doing so much for our region.


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