Fourth-Grader Hudson Dunkley Establishes a New Kind of Bucket Challenge

August 30, 2018

Empathy comes naturally to nine-year-old Hudson Dunkley. His mom, Erin, speculates that it may stem from the outpouring of help Hudson received a few years ago leading up to and following major surgery to correct a “dead hip.” Or, it could just be that Hudson is attuned to the needs of others the way a whitewater rafting guide is attuned to the ripples and waves of a river.  

Either way, in 2016, through his own initiative and fundraising, this young philanthropist started to fill a plastic bucket with snacks for kids at his school who would otherwise go without. He called it “Snacks for Friends,” and was spending approximately $180 per month on healthy goodies like granola bars and apples. Family members and acquaintances from around town who heard about this initiative would give him a few dollars here and there to help him pay for it. Without a steady stream of funds, however, he didn’t know how much money he would have to spend from month to month.  

A $750 grant from the Community Fund for the Gore Mountain Region, a component fund of Adirondack Foundation, is changing that for the upcoming school year. In recognition of Hudson’s selflessness and generosity, the Johnsburg Central School Parent Teacher Organization applied for the funding to give his program a well-deserved boost. Not only will Hudson continue to provide snacks during the 2018-2019 school year for first- and second-graders, he will also learn how to manage a budget.  

Hudson says his ultimate source of  inspiration for giving back is Minerva resident John Callihan who donated funds to help Hudson’s Boy Scout Troop buy uniforms. The reward for this kind of generosity is simply making other people’s lives a little bit better. It’s no surprise that Hudson is more than willing to help kids at other schools establish their own “snack bucket challenge.”          


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