Nonprofit Spotlight: Central Adirondack Partnership for the 21st Century

March 04, 2019

In the Adirondacks, when nonprofits thrive, our communities thrive. Whether through grantmaking, advice and consultation or Adirondack Nonprofit Network convenings, we proudly support the work of nonprofits. In the south-central part of the region, the Central Adirondack Partnership for the 21st Century, also known as CAP-21, nurtures and supports vibrant and sustainable year-round communities by promoting economic revitalization, social responsibility and environmental balance. This year, CAP-21 teamed up with the Town of Inlet to launch a fundraising campaign on Adirondack Gives, Adirondack Foundation’s crowdfunding platform. We caught up with Executive Director Robin Hill to learn more.

AF: What inspires you most about the work of CAP-21?

RH: I started with CAP-21 in May 2017, after moving my husband, myself and our two dogs from Atlanta, Georgia to Old Forge. What inspires me most is our ability to keep an open mind and maintain a well-rounded focus on all aspects of what it means to sustain and grow the small rural communities we represent.

AF: Tell us about the communications tower in Inlet and how CAP-21 and its partners are using Adirondack Gives to help raise the money needed for this vital community resource.

RH: Emergency responders in Inlet, Raquette Lake, Big Moose and Eagle Bay have very limited communication tools. Mountains block radio signals creating dead zones within and between each of the communities. This can lead to a cascade of difficulties including an inability to collect enough information to assess emergencies and respond appropriately, delaying response times and increasing risk for the emergency victim as well as volunteers. That’s why we are working with a grassroots group in the Town of Inlet to raise funds for a centrally located – and vitally important – mountaintop emergency communications tower. Because we had had success with Adirondack Gives for a previous project, it was an easy decision to partner again as one part of a much larger fundraising plan. With support materials already in place, including a website and professionally-made video, we created a Gives campaign and began promoting it. As of this writing, we have raised more than $14,000 through crowdfunding.

AF: How does CAP-21 benefit from being a part of the Adirondack Nonprofit Network?

RH: The keyword there is "network." It takes a network of like-minded people to make great things happen. The Adirondacks are filled with numerous nonprofits who are more than willing to help each other in realizing their goals. Every little bit helps and if you don't ask, you never know what someone else is capable of.

To learn more about CAP-21, visit Check out Adirondack Gives by visiting, and learn about the Adirondack Nonprofit Network here

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