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Philanthropy Spurs Shift in Clifton-Fine

Oct 29,2018
Stanzi Bliss

Clifton-Fine's Annette Craig reflects on how her small Adirondack community experienced a big change thanks to the power of philanthropy.

Hurricane Florence Relief Resources

Sep 15,2018
Stanzi Bliss

Looking to support relief efforts for Hurricane Florence? See our recommended list of organizations and foundations.

Celebrating Generosity in the Adirondacks

Sep 07,2018
Stanzi Bliss

CEO and President Cali Brooks reflects on highlights from our annual summer celebration of generosity and impact, including this year's recipient of the Heavy Lifting Award.

Colgate's Adirondack Upstate Fellows

Jun 28,2018
Stanzi Bliss

Colgate Upstate Institute Summer Field School fellow Kayla Logar has joined Adirondack Foundation for the summer to research funding gaps across the region.

Adirondack Nonprofits Working Together

Jun 20,2018
Stanzi Bliss

Highlights from the 2018 Adirondack Nonprofit Network (ANN) retreat at Blue Mountain Lake. 45 members attended this year's retreat to learn about advocacy and lobbying, strengthening collaborations for greater impact, and incorporating diversity and inclusion into strategic planning.