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Pulling together when times are tough


Apr 27,2018
Chris Morris

This is a tale of a very generous, responsive community that must set any number of records in the way it pulls together when times are tough.

Adirondack Council awards 19 grants to businesses, farms

Apr 19,2018
Chris Morris

The Adirondack Council is investing private funds in the effort to build a climate-friendly Adirondack Park with a low-carbon economy.

Great opportunity for Adirondack Foundation partners

Mar 01,2018
Chris Morris

Our friends at Nonprofit Works are hosting a pair of workshops in Albany on April 27.

Tri-Lakes Young Professionals group back in action

Feb 21,2018
Chris Morris

The local young professionals group, the Tri-Lakes Young Professionals, is starting back up, kicking things off with a meetup at the Hotel Saranac.

How the new tax law affects planned giving

Feb 16,2018
Chris Morris

Helping generous people give more to the causes they love is the heart of Adirondack Foundation's work. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 contains both positive and uncertain aspects. One thing we know for sure is that annual gifts from donors will be more important than ever. In this piece, we've asked local estate attorney Jill Beier to summarize these points.