We need more words for this page, and I also think individual headshots for each Advisory Committee member is a good idea.

ECF has always been overseen by community volunteers. The advisory council changes over time and the volunteers ensure that every dollar is spent well and wisely. We thank the volunteers who help the fund grow.

  • Norma Goff, Chair
  • Karen Judge Dalton, Vice Chair
  • Dr. H. Nicholas Muller III, Secretary
  • Thomas M. Stransky, Treasurer
  • Ann B. Cammack
  • Maureen Ecclesine
  • Norma W. Goff
  • Steven Kellogg
  • Kristen Kimball
  • Lauren H. Murphy
  • Emily Gardner Phillips
  • David Reuther
  • Dr. Colleen Van Hoven 
  • Charles W. Cammack, III, Emeritus
  • Francisca P. Irwin, Emeritus

Essex Community Fund Donation