The Essex Community Fund (ECF) offers grants to nonprofit organizations located in or operating within the Town of Essex, NY, to support community beautification, historic preservation, culture and the arts, education, recreation, and programs for youth, seniors and other social services. The Fund gives strong preference to capacity building grants or modest one-time capital expenditures, rather than supporting general operating expenses. Applications will be accepted from certified 501(c)(3)’s, schools, churches and local governments.  The Fund will typically not support general operating expenses, and grants are usually limited to $2,000.

The 2019 grant application deadline will be Tuesday, June 4 at 5 pm. Applications can be obtained online beginning in mid-May via the Adirondack Foundation website. The application will ask for a description of the organization and the proposed project, the method of evaluation, budgets for the project, financial statement of the organization, a list of the organization’s Directors, Trustees, and Officers, the project’s target audience and how it will make a positive difference in Essex.

Applications will be pre-vetted by Adirondack Foundation staff and then sent to the Grants Committee of the Essex Community Fund for review. Applicants may be contacted by the Committee if more information is required. Successful organizations can expect to receive funding in early July. Recipients are required to submit reports no later than December 31.
**Note to all applicants: Please be sure to describe the need that your program addresses and why it is important. Also, if your application is successful and your program needs to change after being awarded a grant, you must check in with us before changing the way the funds will be used. 

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Adirondack Foundation Program Officer Andrea Grout at (518) 523-9904 or