SOA Invasive Species Prevention Fund for Placid Lake

Fund Purpose: 

This Fund is used exclusively for the prevention and control of invasive species in Placid Lake. Lake Placid has seen a significant increase in invasive species since they were first detected in 2009. This Fund currently supports the Adirondack Watershed Institute stewards who inspect boats and operate the boat washing station, and the divers who harvest invasive species from the lake once they are detected. In the past, divers supported by the Fund harvested more than 1,000 pounds of milfoil from Lake Placid, significantly more than in prior years. Increased efforts are required to control the spread and prevent further invasion. Fourteen types of invasive species have been found in neighboring Adirondack lakes, requiring ongoing vigilance. Consequences of infestation are severe - from degraded water quality and recreational opportunities to declining property values and tourism revenues.  Your support will help protect the health of Lake Placid and preserve its legacy for generations.

SOA Invasive Species Prevention Fund for Placid Lake Donation