Adirondack Foundation can assist you and your clients in structuring tax-wise gifts that establish an enduring community legacy. We add our expertise to yours to ensure that your clients make educated decisions while selecting from a full spectrum of options. 

  • We can help your clients give back to their communities.
  • Check out our investment management strategies and performance.
  • Reduce capital gains tax and increase your charitable gift by transferring appreciated securities to Adirondack Foundation. Contact us for instructions.
  • For a sample draft fund agreement, used to establish a donor advised fund, contact us.
  • Review our sample bequest language.
  • For other useful links, click here.

How do your clients want to be remembered? Suggest a charitable fund at Adirondack Foundation as a way to be remembered and an alternative to paying too much estate tax. To learn how Adirondack Foundation can help you and your clients, contact us.