What do you want your legacy to be?


Adirondack Foundation Legacy Giving

Effect positive change. Pass on your charitable values. Receive tax advantages. Giving through Adirondack Foundation provides tremendous flexibility.

We work with each donor to structure a tax-wise gift that is tailored to his or her vision. Some donors decide to start a charitable fund right away and enjoy grantmaking during life through a Donor Advised Fund. Others make provisions for a planned gift or end-of-life gift as part of estate planning. We recommend discussing options with your professional advisors and are happy to work with them.

Together we craft a fund agreement or “placeholder” agreement (for gifts that will arrive in the future) that identifies the purpose of your fund and Adirondack Foundation’s responsibilities. The agreement is activated when the first gift arrives. You may change the charitable causes your fund will support without changing your will or other giving document.

You or anyone else can make additional gifts to your fund at any time. Learn more about creating your legacy through the Adirondack Foundation and contact us with any questions.