Community Fund for the Gore Mountain Region

In 2005, a long-time Gore area seasonal resident, Michael Ellis, decided he wanted to make a positive difference in the area he cherishes. So Ellis participated in a conference on the "hows" of community improvement, organized by regional philanthropists and Adirondack Foundation. The Community Fund for the Gore Mountain Region (CFGMR) was born shortly thereafter to ensure that the local communities of Johnsburg, Chestertown, Minerva, Horicon and Schroon have permanent charitable resources, raised and allocated by local people to address local needs.

CFGMR is overseen by community volunteers. The advisory committee changes over time and the volunteers ensure that every dollar is spent well and wisely. We thank the volunteers who help the fund grow and encourage people interested in supporting the effort to join in through volunteering and charitable giving to help increase the fund's granting capacity. Email Andrea Grout at for information.

Today, over $406,000 has been raised for CFGMR to support community beautification, education, culture and the arts, youth & senior programs, and historic preservation. Over 200 grants totaling nearly $133,000 have been distributed to nonprofits doing good work to improve the lives of Gore Mountain area residents. 

  • Applicants must apply through the Online Grants Manager. The deadline to apply is June 1, 2020. Grants range between $250 and $1,000.
  • Note to applicants: The Community Fund for the Gore Mountain Region offers grants to nonprofit organizations in the Towns of Johnsburg, Chester, Minerva, Horicon and Schroon to support community beautification, historic preservation, culture and the arts, education, recreation and programs for youth, seniors and veterans. All recipients must be certified 501(c)3 organization’s, schools and local governments located within the aforementioned towns. If you're seeking support for a program that operates or will take place within the CFGMR catchment area in partnership with another organization or a school, but your organization is not physically located within the towns listed above, the actual application must be submitted by the organization that is physically located within the catchment area. 
  • Click here for a sample project budget

Also: Please be sure to describe the need that your program addresses and why it is important. If your application is successful and your program needs change after being awarded a grant, you must check in with us before changing the way the funds will be used. 

To read about CFGMR's named grants, honoring Woody Widlund, Alan Johnson, Wanda Callihan and the McGee Whitney family click here.

If your organization received a grant from CFGMR, we want to hear from you. As a requirement of your grant, we ask you to share the story of how this grant helped you accomplish your program goals. Grantee follow up reports should be submitted online. Please log on to your account through the Grants Manager to complete this report.  When you get into the dashboard, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see Grant Follow Ups Assigned.  On the line that says Grantee Report Form next to the name of your project, click the blue Edit link to complete the form. Be sure to save your work and hit submit when you are finished. 

CFGMR Advisory Committee

  • Mary Ann Bowers, Johnsburg
  • John Donovan, Horicon
  • Kathy Halloran, Minerva
  • Peter Heonis, Chestertown
  • Heidi Kelly, Minerva
  • Tom Magee, Horicon
  • Beth Maher, Johnsburg
  • Al Matrose, Chester
  • Ann Breen Metcalfe, Schroon
  • Mindy Preuninger, Minerva
  • Sue Repko, Schroon
  • Kristine Tribou, Schroon
  • Carol Whitney, Horicon

You can help improve the quality of life for all residents of the Gore Mountain region. Please contact any member of the Advisory Committee or Adirondack Foundation staff for additional information. Donate online using the form below, or mail a check to Adirondack Foundation, PO Box 288, Lake Placid, NY 12946. Checks should be made out to Adirondack Foundation with CFGMR in the memo line. 

Community Fund for the Gore Mountain Region Donation