Big Impact

Adirondack Foundation will enter into longer-term projects to address the most pressing unmet needs in three areas: healthy environment, connected communities (cross boundary efforts that foster a unified Adirondack identity and collaboration), and community vitality. Most frequently, our Big Impact work will catalyze action by bringing the right people together and facilitating their efforts.  Positive outcomes will leave a legacy for generations to come. 

For example:  Having commissioned a study to quantify access to early education in Essex County, Adirondack Foundation is using the findings to design a project to support excellent care for our youngest citizens in their first three years.   

Past project, programs and publications supported include:

  • Adirondack Nonprofit Network
  • Adirondack Foundation’s Next Generation work
  • Adirondack Gives
  • Adirondack Business Creators, now Point Positive
  • Gaps analysis of access to early education

This program can fund:

  • Grants (direct or challenge) to program partners
  • Research
  • Consultants
  • Convening and facilitating
  • Adirondack Foundation staff time

This program will not have a public application component. A sub-group of the Board, working closely with staff, will identify and prioritize needs and opportunities based on a series of criteria established by the Ad hoc Themes Group in 2013 and make recommendations for engagement to the full Board. The Board of Trustees as a whole will approve all activity, including Generous Acts Fund budget allocations for community leadership projects. 

There are always new projects in the pipeline and support from generous individuals helps keep us moving forward with this important work.