Crary Fund at Adirondack Foundation

The Bruce L. Crary Foundation distributes scholarships to students living in Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton and Warren counties. The Crary Foundation staff works closely with counselors in forty area schools to select applicants who are qualified and in need of financial assistance.

Income eligibility is carefully considered and students may use their award for 2- or 4-year colleges and vocational programs. A selection committee at each school reviews applications and the counselor submits recommendations to Crary. All awards are subject to the approval of the Crary Foundation Board and generally range from $600 to $1000. Interested students are encouraged to inquire about the Crary Scholarship Program through their high school Guidance Department. If students remain eligible the scholarship is renewable for four years of undergraduate study. 

How to Help

In order to increase scholarship support for students in the Adirondack region, Adirondack Foundation has collaborated with the Bruce L. Crary Foundation. The Crary Foundation has a long and credible track record of helping students in need attend college. Crary has a multitude of success stories that demonstrate its effectiveness. Since 1973 over $5.3 million has been granted to more than 4000 students. The Foundation works closely with each school district to determine the most deserving recipients. We believe this collaboration is a logical way for both Crary and Adirondack Foundation to expand their mission to help young people in the Adirondack region.

A gift of any size can be made to the Crary Fund at Adirondack Foundation to support students "worthy and in need of financial assistance" throughout the Adirondack region (Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton and Warren counties). Scholarship distributions will be made by the Crary Foundation following the Foundation's existing criteria mentioned above. 

Should a donor wish to establish a scholarship to support a specific geographic area,  the minimum gift required would be $25,000. Scholarships resulting from such a gift would be distributed directly to the specific school district within that area through the Crary Foundation.

For additional information on how you can support our regional youth through higher education, contact Cali Brooks or Andrea Grout in the Adirondack Foundation office at (523) 523-9904 or Jim Kinley, Executive Director of the Bruce L. Crary Foundation at (518) 873-6496 or via email at


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