Frequently Asked Questions

What is the preferred method to submit an application?

We prefer that applications be submitted online when online submission is available. We will also accept PDF applications that are e-mailed. Please contact Adirondack Foundation staff to discuss.

Does the application need to be received at the Adirondack Foundation office on the due date?

No, it needs to be POSTMARKED by the due date. We are unable to accept late applications.

Do I have to send multiple copies of all the attachments? 

Yes, for all things except for letters of recommendation.

How can I be sure I am sending everything required for a scholarship application? 

If you follow the guidelines carefully, you will be in great shape.

If I send in my application ahead of the deadline, will someone read it and give me feedback?

No. Out of fairness to all applicants, applications are reviewed only after the deadline has passed. But if you have questions about the guidelines on our website, you can certainly call or email us.

If I received a scholarship last year, can I apply again? 

It depends on the scholarship; some accept multiple year applications and others do not. If you received a scholarship last year, you will need to submit another application, proof of enrollment and grades.