Making a gift is easy

Make a gift to support any of the more than 220 named funds at ACT. Giving is easy and only takes a couple simple steps.

  1. Choose which fund you want to give to. View an alphabetical list of funds, or view the PDF list of funds arranged by category. Or, enter the fund name in the search box to the right.
  2. Choose a payment method. Simply write a check, or use PayPal for secure credit card or electronic check donations.

PayPal instructions

Click the donate button and your online contribution will be processed on the PayPal website. It will be applied directly to the fund of your choice here at ACT to support the issues and causes you care about. Your donation is safe, secure, and private.

After you fill out the payment form, you will be taken to a "Review" page. There, be sure to click on the "Add fund/any special instructions" link and type in the name of the fund you want to donate to.

If you have questions, call us at (518) 523-9904.

To make a gift of stock or give in other ways, see our Ways to Give page for more information.

Thank you for supporting your community!

Remember or honor a special person

You may have an immediate giving need to establish a memorial or honorary fund in the name of a friend or family member. There are many benefits to these types of funds, and we invite you to contact us to learn more.

Save money by giving more

Has your tax advisor told you that you need to make a charitable contribution to avoid paying a hefty tax bill this year? If so, we have solutions that can help you with your imminent tax event such as selling a business, inheriting money, or other capital gains that you'd like to offset. Opening a fund at ACT can offer you several benefits while also helping you maximize your charitable impact. 

For more information about charitable giving through ACT, call Cali Brooks at (518) 523-9904 or e-mail