Economic Impact Study: Sources

The following is a list of sources for "Economic Impact: 36 Adirondack Nonprofits." Photo credits are included below.

Information on employment, salaries, expenditures, income and fundraising was obtained through a review and analysis of Internal Revenue Service Form 990s for the organizations included in the study.

Information on organizational volunteers, board volunteers, and organizational makeup was obtained through a questionaire completed by study participants.

Information on national and state statistics on the nonprofit sector, including employment figures, was taken from a variety of sources, including:

Information concerning the age of nonprofit employees was obtained through an informal poll of Adirondack Nonprofit Network members.

Information on the value of organizational and board volunteers was obtained by using state and national averages for the worth of a one hour of volunteer time. Read more at

The total economic impact was calculated using a weighted average regional output multiplier of 1.97. SUNY Oswego used the Bureau of Economic Analysis' RIMS II Model. Read more at Additionally, "Regional Multipliers: A User Handbook" was used to calculate related employment data. Read more at

Photo credits

A special thanks to the following organizations and people for the use of their photos throughout the report:

  • Nancy Berstein (cover illustration)
  • Joe Riccio, Adirondack Health
  • Leonardo Claudio (for North Country Public Radio)
  • Carl Heilman II/Wild Visions, Inc. (for the Adirondack Council)
  • Darsie Townsend, High Peaks Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Chris Morris, Adirondack Foundation
  • Ken Aaron, Paul Smith's College
  • Melissa Hart, Adirondack North Country Association
  • Emily Kilburn, Adirondack Community Housing Trust
  • Rick Godin, The Wild Center
  • JoAnne Caswell, Families First in Essex County
  • Howard Nelson, Hudson Headwaters Health Network
  • Diane Fish, Adirondack Council
  • Jessica Hartley, North Country SPCA
  • Tony Kostecki, Seagle Music Colony