Nonprofit and Community Services

Adirondack Nonprofit Network

Adirondack Foundation maintains a leadership role with the Adirondack Nonprofit Network (ANN), an informal network of leaders from organizations serving the Adirondacks. Learn more.

Economic Impact

Adirondack Foundation wrote and produced an economic impact study of 36 nonprofit organizations. Click here to read the study.

Funding Gaps and Overlaps in the Adirondacks

In summer 2018, Foundation intern Kayla Logar from Colgate's Upstate Institute was tasked with researching gaps and overlaps in philanthropic funding of the nonprofit organizations that provide essential and enriching services to residents across the Adirondack region. Read the full study here

Nonprofit Event Calendar

Adirondack Foundation hosts a calendar for nonprofits from across the region. Check it out.

Managing Endowments

Adirondack Foundation's helps organizations manage their permanent or long-term funds in a way that can produce significant growth over time. Learn more about our partnership with nonprofit organizations here.

Strengthening the Sector

Adirondack Foundation strives to be a driving force that creates a better future for all by addressing challenges, uniting people, institutions and resources, and producing widely shared and lasting results. We realize this key role by providing boards and staff with affordable, high-quality training and technical assistance to the region's 450 nonprofits.

Many communities in the Adirondack region have ongoing needs and special projects that would benefit from local philanthropy. The goal of Adirondack Foundation's Community Funds is to ensure that communities have permanent charitable resources, raised and allocated by local people, to address local needs.

  • To learn about our Community Funds, click here.
  • To learn about our disaster response efforts, click here.