Disaster Recovery Efforts

Thank you house post Tropical Storm Irene

The violent flood associated with Tropical Storm Irene took a heavy toll in the AuSable and Boquet River valleys on August 28, 2011. Generous people from all over the country responded immediately, sending gifts and volunteer crews to help. The Keene Community Trust set up the Keene Flood Recovery Fund, and the Town of Jay set up the Jay Irene Flood Relief Fund at Adirondack Foundation to administer the contributions and turn them into grants to help those in need.

More than 1,320 gifts arrived, some of which came from benefits and a host of other creative and unexpected sources. By the time the Funds closed in June 2012, they had successfully distributed more than 200 grants totaling $800,000. (Read on to see how you can still help those towns recover.)

The current priority for both towns is rebuilding fire stations that were damaged by the storm. The Keene Fire Department Fund at Adirondack Foundation welcomes gifts. If you make a gift to Adirondack Foundation for Jay, the funds will support rebuilding the Upper Jay Fire Department, Wells Memorial Library and the Town of Jay for youth facilities, as the Town directs.

The Special and Urgent Needs Fund (SUN Fund) at Adirondack Foundation was also a source of support for Irene's victims, granting $45,000 in 12 grants to charitable organizations, including farmers and organizations in the Boquet River valley.

Gifts to the SUN Fund are always welcome. The Fund is a constant at Adirondack Foundation,  standing ready to help human service organizations (within the Adirondack region) address time-sensitive, unanticipated short-term gaps in funding. A human service organization is defined for this purpose as those organizations providing food, shelter or health care.