Nonprofit Leadership Seminars

Adirondack Foundation strives continuously to honor its commitment to nonprofit organizations.

We provide seminars, trainings, fiscal sponsorship and other resources to help community organizations pursue their missions more effectively. Attendees can come learn in an informative, entertaining setting and network with staff and volunteers from other nonprofit organizations serving our region. Since 2000, Adirondack Foundation has hosted over 40 training seminars for staff and board members of nonprofit organizations designed to strengthen the impact they have on their clients and their communities. Adirondack Foundation invests in this work to ensure a strong a vital nonprofit sector serving the region.

Continuing through 2013, Adirondack Foundation and Adirondack Nonprofit Network together will offer a special series of endowment seminars and trainings. Adirondack Foundation has 50 nonprofit endowment partners. Together we hold, invest and administer $3 million in endowment funds. Having a fund with Adirondack Foundation affiliates your organization with a respected regional public foundation that manages $34.3 million in assets. This relationship also provides professional investment management as it diversifies your endowment fund across more asset classes than would be possible investing it individually and typically with lower fees. Adirondack Foundation's pool of funds is invested on a "total return" basis (combining capital appreciation and earned income), designed to lower volatility to preserve the assets in perpetuity. 

Check back periodically to see a schedule of upcoming Nonprofit Leadership Seminars.