Uihlein-Ironman Sports Fund

The Uihlein-Ironman Sports Fund (UISF) of Lake Placid was created by the Henry Uihlein II and Mildred A. Uihlein Foundation, Ironman North America (now known as World Triathlon Corporation), and Adirondack Foundation. These local organizations have teamed up to help athletes from Lake Placid and the Olympic region achieve their sports dreams, and to help nonprofit organizations that foster and promote life-long sports and healthy lifestyles for local kids. The fund focuses on the greater Tri-Lakes region and has two main goals for supporting athletes:

  1. Provide necessary support to local nonprofit organizations that promote athleticism and engage area youth in traditional summer and winter sports, thus fostering our next generation of competitive athletes.
  2. Provide financial support for competitive, local, young athletes with strong regional, national and international promise in traditional winter and summer sports.
    The UISF Committee places greater emphasis on holistically improving programs that aim to lift up athletes. Individual awards are given to athletes who demonstrate significant promise on the national and international stage, and who face substantial economic hurdles.
    Helpful Hints for Individual applicants:
    • Preference will be given to applicants with a strong performance history in their sport and those on track to regional, national, or international levels of competition.
    • Equipment purchase needs will be weighed on case by case basis. There must be compelling financial need and applicant must demonstrate strong reasoning why this equipment is vital to your performance in the sport.
    • Applicants in programs that are additionally supported by their school programs will be considered on a case by case basis.
    • No one 14 yrs or under will be considered. (In other words, candidates must be 15 at the time of application, there are no exceptions.)
    • Athletes must complete these applications themselves. Some parental assistance is OK with financial information, but answers must be in applicant's own words.
    • Applicants demonstrating high levels of community service will be given greater priority.
    • All recommendations from coaches or other references must be completed by the deadline date.
    • The IRS regulations do not require Adirondack Foundation to provide tax-related documentation to scholarship recipients. Recipients should check with their tax advisor to determine if their scholarship is taxable.
    • Applications must be submitted by the 5 p.m.  August 24, 2020, deadline. To submit an application to the Uihlein-Ironman Sports Fund, please use our Online Grants Manager.
    • Applicants this year are asked to describe how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting their training, competition, or approaches to youth engagement.

NOTE:  If you or your organization received a grant in 2019 you will be eligible to apply only if you submitted a 2019 grantee report and fulfilled terms of the grant. All grantee reporting for UISF will be done through our Online Grants Manager. An email reminder will be sent to all recipients with instructions on how to complete your reports.

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Follow Up

The creators of the Uihlein-Ironman Sports Fund are interested in the impact that their grantmaking has on the individuals and organizations that receive grants. Recipients of the Uihlein-Ironman Sports Fund grants are required to provide a six-month update on how the grant funds were used, and how it helped them achieve their goals. Failure to complete this report could hurt chances for future grant support.


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