Northern Insuring gift to Adirondack Foundation supports diversity initiative

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

PLATTSBURGH — Northern Insuring Agency has given $870 to Adirondack Foundation in support of the Adirondack Diversity Initiative.

The gift represents $10 for each of the 87 years Northern Insuring has been in business.

“I believe in supporting the Adirondack Diversity Initiative because it is essential that we create a welcoming community for all who live in and visit our beautiful region,” said Deena McCullough, president and CEO of Northern Insuring. “Our business, and my family, has done a lot of work with Adirondack Foundation through the years—I was ecstatic that they were selected.”

Seven years ago, in celebration of the company’s 80th anniversary, Northern Insuring began this giving program to support nonprofits and community organizations across the region. Each year, a different organization receives support; they’re chosen after nominations are selected at the Plattsburgh-North Country Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. This year, Meg LeFevre’s nomination of Adirondack Foundation was selected.

“Adirondack Foundation is on the ball every time I work with them,” said LeFevre, who is a member of the Plattsburgh Town Council and belongs to the foundation’s Next Generation Council. “I love the way they promote philanthropy locally and support causes like the Adirondack Diversity Initiative, which supports diversity and inclusion across the board. That’s important to me and the community I live and work in.”

The Adirondack Diversity Initiative develops and promotes strategies to help the Adirondack region become more welcoming and inclusive of all New Yorkers, both visitors and residents: a more inclusive Adirondack region will benefit the economic, social, cultural, and political health of the communities within. The initiative consists of more than 30 nonprofits, businesses, and local government entities. Adirondack Foundation is a member of its core team.

Upon functioning as an entity in 2015, ADI immediately began its work toward making the Adirondacks a more welcoming and inclusive place. Since then, ADI has designed and directed many outreach programs, including, but not limited to:  

  • Establishing formal alliances with nearly two dozen leading organizations in the Adirondack region.
  • Building a strong advisory network from outside the Park, including recognized experts on diversity.
  • Consulting on marketing and outreach to minorities and the LGBTQ community.
  • Holding multiple diversity workshops and education sessions.
  • Creating a youth exchange program.
  • Establishing an annual symposium.

For more information about Northern Insuring, contact Deena McCullough at (518) 561-7000 or visit For more information about Adirondack Foundation and the Adirondack Diversity Initiative, contact Cali Brooks at (518) 523-9904 or visit