Adirondack Gives: Boost for fundraisers, boon for donors

Abosve: A vocalist at the Lake George Music Festival.

Our crowdfunding website, Adirondack Gives, is changing the way many people give and many community organizations raise money.

Since its launch in January 2014, Adirondack Gives has hosted over 50 campaigns that have collectively raised more than $53,000 in gifts ranging from $10 to $500. The online giving site has helped organizations of all sizes and types — from Keene Central School’s Marine Biology class to Paul Smith’s College — raise money for important projects, and it has also helped new donors get involved.

“It is gratifying to give this way,” said Cali Brooks, executive director of Adirondack Foundation. “Each gift makes a difference that the donor can see immediately on the screen.”

When the Adirondack History Center Museum & Essex County Historical Society needed funds to launch a new exhibit of Arto Monaco’s work, it turned to Adirondack Gives. The result? Thirty-five individuals donated $1,740, including gifts from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and even Georgia.

“The Adirondack Gives campaign helped us reach out to a whole new group of people who might not otherwise have known about our museum,” says Diane O’Connor, director of the Adirondack History Center Museum. “These people were intrigued by our online appeal, became donors, and are now in our circle of supporters — and we were able to reach out to them in a cost-effective manner.”

The Lake George Music Festival’s campaign also found nationwide appeal, with gifts from as far away as Wisconsin and Minnesota. The campaign successfully brought in $1,000 to support this summer’s festival, which raised awareness about the threat of invasive species in the Adirondacks.

“With so many options for crowdfunding in today’s world, it’s great to have a local, Adirondack-based organization willing to walk you through the steps of your first campaign,” says Alexander Lombard, president and CEO of the Lake George Music Festival.