Adirondack Nonprofit Network


Members of the Adirondack Nonprofit Network work together to strengthen communities.

Adirondack Foundation relies on nonprofits to help fulfill its mission of building strong and vibrant communities throughout the Adirondack region. Their dedication to quality of life and place, education, health, arts, environment, and youth is the inspiration for our work.

At the same time, Adirondack Foundation is committed to helping institutions achieve greater effectiveness and stability. The Foundation maintains a leadership role with the Adirondack Nonprofit Network (ANN), an informal network of leaders from organizations serving the Adirondacks. By working together, ANN's members are committed to enhancing the quality and impact of their work - and the work of all nonprofit groups - to sustain and improve life in the Adirondacks.

In response to the recession, over 40 organizations began to build professional relationships among peers, identify proactive approaches and have an honest conversation about redundancies and collaborations to ensure strong Adirondack communities. Focus going forward will be devoted to strategies on how to survive and succeed in a challenging economy, program evaluation, financial management, the board's role in fundraising, running effective meetings, board governance, succession planning and engaging the next generation.

ANN's members are committed to enhancing the quality and impact of their work, while creating a strong sense of connection, thus removing the isolation of working in a sparsely populated region. For more information, please contact the Adirondack Foundation office.

ANN's goals include building pride of place for residents, developing a volunteer corps, and encouraging the investment of mind, heart and resources by residents and visitors. Through ANN's work, we hope to create a sense of belonging and shared engagement in our lives in the Adirondack Park.