Baby brain = learning machine

The science of early childhood development makes a compelling case that focusing resources on each child’s first 1,000 days can have a profound impact on his or her life and the entire community. According to Nobel Prize–winning economist James Heckman, resources invested in children bring an extraordinarily high rate of return, far superior to remedial education and social services provided later in life.

Adirondack Foundation has joined with a group of partners dedicated to helping every single child get the best possible shot at success. Dozens of organizations are hard at work locally, partnering with parents to address the needs of our region’s youngest children. At this writing, an Adirondack network is forming among state agencies, nonprofits, local funders, and others devoted to serving children ages 0 to 3 and their families. We have also launched Small Grants for Small Children to support daycare providers seeking additional training, QualityStars accreditation, or equipment to enhance their programs.

To support our early learning work across the region or make a gift to support our Small Grants for Small Children program, click here or contact Janine Scherline at (518) 523-9904 or Thank you.

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