From backpacks to the bigger picture

THE NEED — The number of children in free and reduced lunch programs is growing. But they don’t always have access to nutritious food on weekends. The Backpack Program sends
them home on Fridays with bags full of healthy food. There’s growing recognition of the program’s value by educators.

THE CHALLENGE — More and more school districts across the Adirondack region are launching Backpack Programs. Funders are receiving requests from dozens of schools. Adirondack Foundation has been receiving many small requests from local programs, and our Grants Committee felt there was a better, more eff€icient way to support these programs.

THE IDEA — In 2017, our Generous Acts Fund made two large grants to the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York and the Food Bank of Central New York, which supply food to the local programs and can help funders measure the impact of this work.

THE MOVEMENT — We’re not funding these programs on our own. Partners include the Glenn & Carol Pearsall Adirondack Foundation, Lake Placid Education Foundation, Stewart’s
Foundation, Adirondack for Kids Fund, Damoth Community Fund, Cloudsplitter Foundation, and the Community Fund for the Gore Mountain Region. We’re reaching schools and
families across the region, from Clifton-Fine to Ticonderoga and Johnsburg to Saranac Lake, and many points in between, all thanks to your generosity.

THE NEXT STEP — Adirondack Foundation is committed to the bigger picture. We’re working with private and public funders to look at food security and food justice across the region.