Bruce Crary Education Foundation

Cynthia Ford-Johnston, superintendent of Keene Central School, speaks about being a Crary Scholarship recipient.

In just 35 years, the Crary Education Fund has helped more than 6,000 North Country students attend college. Through the estate of Bruce L. Crary, a resident of Westport, more than $8.2 million in scholarship grants have been made to students who show special promise and true financial need.

Cynthia Ford-Johnston, superintendent of Keene Central School, says of her experience as a Crary recipient: "This scholarship was, to me, such a financial support. Initially I worried that I could not afford to go to college, but this scholarship was an important resource, helping me pay for housing and books. Now, nearly 30 years later, the need is greater than ever for our young people."

The Crary Fund works closely with guidance counselors in 40 area schools who help students complete the application. A committee at each school reviews applications for income eligibility and merit and suggests an award amount. The final decisions are made by the Crary Board.

Many past recipients have made gifts to the fund because they recognize that the key to their success in life was their education, and they want to help other young people realize their dream of receiving an education. For anyone who is interested in helping North Country students attend college, please contribute to the Crary Education Fund. Adding to this endowment will ensure that there are resources for future generations of students to pursue higher education.