Combining Inspiration with Education

Julie Lamy

 Julie Lamy.

Julie Lamy knew that education combined with the inspirational people that cross our lives can lead to the greatest successes. She knew this as the first member of her family to go to college, where at North Country Community College she met professors and friends who believed in her and pushed her further. She knew this when, after a position as a teacher's aid, she was encouraged and supported in pursuing a bachelor and master degrees in education at SUNY Plattsburgh. Julie was so successful in all of her pursuits, and followed her dreams to become a teacher at the Saranac Lake Middle School. Then in 1998, Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer returned in 2001; even then, she never stopped thinking of how she could support members of the community as she had been supported.

During her nine-year battle with cancer, Julie and her surviving husband Richard Jarvis worked to make a continuing gift back to the community.

"Julie wanted to help local individuals grow into contributing community members," says Richard.

Through Adirondack Foundation, they established the Julie Lamy Scholarship Fund to continue her legacy. The fund supports non-traditional students at the North Country Community College, pursuing either a degree in education, as Julie did, or a nursing degree, in recognition of the importance of dedicated nurses in our area.

Johanna Hayes, of Wilmington, was the first recipient of the Julie Lamy Scholarship award. Born in Sweden, she moved to the U.S. in 1995, and worked as a flight attendant until she met her husband in 2005. When she moved to the Adirondacks, Johanna no longer wished to continue her career.

"I've got to be with people, I'm a better person when I can work with them," says Johanna. "I really wanted to go into nursing, but I worried about how to pay for it." Thanks to this scholarship, she completed two years of nursing education at NCCC. "As an adult student, I know this is what I want to do. Nursing is so rewarding that I can't do it half-heartedly. I am amazed at how much Julie could do; she is such an inspiration."

"Julie wanted the scholarship to support other non-traditional students like her to pursue college education and professional careers in education and nursing," says Richard. "She chose those two careers because of their importance in helping her more fully develop as a person giving back to their local communities. And she recognized the community needs and demands for well trained people."