This is community: Wes Dingman

Above: Wes Dingman awards a grant to Kate Hartley of the North Creek Mosaic Project at the 2016 CFGMR ceremony in North River.

The Advisory Committee of the Community Fund for the Gore Mountain Region and Adirondack Foundation thank Wes Dingman for nearly a decade of volunteer service.

Wes joined CFGMR in 2007, and has worked tirelessly to help local board and staff members of nonprofits learn how to write grants. His goal was—and still is—to help organizations become more self-sufficient.

“I also enjoyed awarding the grants,” Wes said. “I found it particularly interesting when some person or group developed an innovative way of providing support, recreation, or education to folks having little or no discretionary funds.”

Wes is also proud that Backpack Programs—which provide weekend food for children in need—are spreading to more schools, thanks in part to funding from CFGMR.

“I believe in CFGMR,” he said. “It’s dedicated to doing the best it can do to keep this region healthy and vital.” Wes and his wife Noel are proud members of Adirondack Foundation’s Legacy Family.