Connecting donors with causes that matter

Above: Student and teacher at one of the St. Lawrence County Arts Council's Wheel Thrown Pottery classes.

The St. Lawrence County Arts Council's Wheel Thrown Pottery Class outgrew itself. With only one pottery wheel, supplied by a teacher, the class could only accomodate so many students. So the Potsdam-based nonprofit turned to crowdfunding to meet the demand for a larger class.

SLC Arts launched a campaign on Adirondack Gives to purchase a pottery wheel. In 60 days, 14 donors contributed $690, and the organization was able to meet its need.

"Adirondack Gives is a great platform to feature special projects which otherwise might lack visibility," says Rebekah Wilkins-Pepiton, former executive director of SLC Arts. "We've attracted interest from a larger audience than we've reached before."

Adirondack Gives is a crowdfunding website provided by Adirondack Foundation to connect Adirondack region fundraising campaigns with people who want to help. The website lets nonprofits, community groups, schools and municipalities create an online campaign to raise money for a project or cause, and lets donors "shop" for giving opportunities.

"Adirondack Gives is fulfilling its promise and we are hopeful that it will continue to grow," says Adirondack Foundation Executive Director Cali Brooks. "We offered this website as a means to connect meaningful projects with donors who want to help - and it's working. We encourage community groups, schools and municipalities to use this site as a way to meet their small project needs and engage donors in a new way to give."

Since launching in December 2013, more than 30 campaigns have raised nearly $30,000 on Adirondack Gives. Follow the links to:

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