Crary winner studies down under

Above: Aaron Burdeau

For Saranac Lake’s Aaron Burdeau, college isn’t just studying and taking exams.

“As young adults, we come to college seeking a higher education, and I think along the way we gain much more than book learning,” Aaron said.

As a Marine Sciences student at the University of Maine, Aaron’s focus is protecting marine wildlife. During the 2014-15 school year his classroom moved to Melbourne, Australia.

“It’s important to expand your horizons and learn other cultures,” Aaron said. “With my degree, I hope to travel the world helping other countries understand the need to combat overfishing and other problems the world’s oceans face.”

Aaron receives a scholarship from the Bruce L. Crary Education Foundation, a supporting organization of Adirondack Foundation. That money is critical: it allows him to focus more on his education, and less on the money needed to pay for it. “My mother and father are divorced; both struggle paycheck to paycheck,” Aaron said. “I currently live on my own in Maine and work two  jobs to support myself. I funded my study abroad by saving up money from summer jobs and getting grants and loans.”

Looking ahead, Aaron hopes to land an internship with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in spring 2016, something that could lead to a fulltime job after graduation.

“My Crary scholarship has been a total blessing and beyond helpful throughout my college career,” Aaron said.

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