Foreign Language Enhancement

A Keene Central School student models bull fighting garb

A Keene Central School student models his bull fighting garb.

Innovation, elevation and excellence name the aims of the Adirondack Foreign Language Enhancement Fund. Created by the Cadahemark Foundation to inspire French and Spanish teachers within Adirondack schools to reach for the stars, the Fund also elevates the status of language teachers in the teaching community. 

Additional charitable gifts for this work are welcome.  If you share an interest in foreign language education, keep reading.

Each year, the Adirondack Foreign Language Enhancement Fund will make a limited number of grants available to Adirondack schools for initiatives that enrich and increase capacity for foreign language instruction. Grants awarded will typically range from $500 to $1,500, but larger grants will sometimes be given for exceptional projects.

All Adirondack foreign language teachers are eligible to apply for competitive innovation grants. Priority will be given to projects that go beyond a school’s budget to:

  • Support immersion in French and Spanish language and culture
  • Open opportunities to explore new teaching technologies
  • Promote collaborative initiatives among schools, creating partnerships with BOCES to maximize efficiency and impact
  • Support career enhancement training for teachers including workshops and conferences.

Projects that maximize a grant’s reach will be received favorably.  Examples: an annual forum for the presentation of foreign language skits performed by students from schools across the Park; a seminar for foreign language teachers that would bring new ideas or technology into the classroom; and/or an honorarium for excellence in teaching.

Innovative projects that stretch beyond the norm will also be received favorably.

Applications for language/cultural immersion field trips for both students and teachers will be considered if students and teachers take responsibility for much of the fundraising. 

The fund may help organize meetings for Adirondack foreign language teachers to help establish relationships and create opportunities for sharing successful initiatives.

The mission of the Cadahemark Foundation is to provide opportunities for educational and cultural enrichment to organizations that offer Spanish and French language instruction. Over the years, Cadahemark has had significant impact: bringing foreign language education to schools in the early grades, introducing the Rosetta Stone language learning program, filling in funding gaps for class trips to Spain among other places, and supporting cultural events for the broader community of schools.

For more information or to obtain an innovation grant application, contact Andrea Grout at