A fund to defend wild places

Above: A hiker enjoys the Dix Range.

The ADK Wilderness Legal Defense Fund was established at Adirondack Foundation in 2013 to ensure that the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) is able to pursue legal actions in a timely manner to protect the Adirondack and Catskill Forest Preserve and other precious public lands.

The Wilderness Legal Defense Fund enables ADK legal counsel Neil Woodworth to use litigation when needed, after other advocacy e‚fforts to protect the resource have failed. The fund was essential in the Lows Lake wilderness classification case which obtained the first judicial ruling that the lakes, ponds, and rivers of the Forest Preserve are protected by the Forever Wild clause of the New York State Constitution. Contributions to the WLDF may be used to hire attorneys, pay litigation expenses, fund legal research, purchase software, and pay for the preparation of trial and hearing exhibits.

“New York’s wild lands and waters are under threat from many quarters, but there are few organizations able to defend against those threats,” Woodworth said. “Fortunately, there is the Adirondack Mountain Club and the Wilderness Legal Defense Fund. ADK has decades of conservation experience and an impressive record of courtroom victories.”

“Going to court is often necessary to protect natural resources, but it costs money,” he added. “Court deadlines leave little time to raise funds for legal expenses, but contributions to the Wilderness Legal Defense Fund allow ADK to act quickly and e‚ectively to litigate when needed to protect our precious public wild lands.”

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