The fund with a lot of heart

As most parents know, it can be stressful to deal with caring for a sick child.

Corey and Erin Maneely, parents of three young boys from Malone, know this first hand. Their son Camden, 22 months old at the time, had been dealing with heart failure for a year when he got lucky and was able to receive a heart transplant. The transplant happened at Boston Children's hospital. For most, just the issue of lost time from work and travel to the hospital with a child after such an ordeal can be a financial strain. But the Maneely's had to move their entire family to Boston for four months as little Camden got accustomed to his new heart.

Fortunately, for families in just such a position, there is the Christopher Emmet Hallowell Fund at Adirondack Foundation. The Maneelys are now back in Malone, Camden is doing remarkably well and they are getting back to normal again.

"Things are wonderful," Camden's father, Corey, said. "We're finally home, and settled in our new house. The grant got us through to the end; you have no idea how much of a godsend it was."