Hands-on experience

Above: Adam St. Pierre, right, gets tips from Adirondack Daily Enterprise Managing Editor Peter Crowley. Adam’s summer internship was funded by the Charles B. Decker Fund at Adirondack Foundation.

Do you remember your first internship?

Whether it’s making copies and doing the coffee run, or diving head-first into the day-to-day operations of an organization or business, internships are where many young professionals get their first glimpse at what their future careers might look like.

This summer, Nick Mann of Saranac Lake joined Adirondack Foundation’s staff as our summer intern. Many of the stories you read in this annual report were penned by Nick, who spent time in the field and in the office, learning about the power of philanthropy in the Adirondack region. He also worked with our executive director, Cali Brooks, to kick-start an internal dashboard that tracks demographic trends in our area.

“The experience was rewarding for me,” Nick says. “It was probably the best summer job that I’ve ever had.”

Elsewhere, the Charles B. Decker Fund awarded a grant to Adam St. Pierre of Tupper Lake for his summer internship at the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. Adam, now a junior, is studying communications and journalism at Plattsburgh State. At the Enterprise, his responsibilities included reporting, copy editing, and helping the staff put together the newspaper on deadline.

“The staff treated me as an equal,” Adam says. “I jumped head-first into it. It was fast-paced. From day-to-day, I had no idea what was going to happen. It was great to see my byline in print this early in my career.”