Keeping the lights on during an emergency

When disaster strikes, emergency workers need time to move people to safety.

A $2,000 grant from the Special and Urgent Needs Fund at Adirondack Foundation helped the Willisboro Senior Housing Corporation, which provides economical housing for senior citizens, purchase and install a generator that will keep the lights on during an emergency, allowing residents some extra time to travel to emergency shelters.

"We will have stand-by power to the common areas of our building," says Laura Lacey, manager of Willsboro Senior Housing. "This will give power - including heat, stove, microwave and security system - to the community room, public bathroom, laundry room and hallway. This will serve as a stop gap measure for our tenants to give everyone time to get the town emergency shelters set up and transport tenants to the facilities at Willsboro Fire Department or Willsboro Central School.”

Special and Urgent Needs Fund Donation