Kim Elliman: Why I Give with Adirondack Foundation

Above: Kim Elliman, chief executive officer of the Open Space Institute, exploring one of New York's wild places.

Kim Elliman cares deeply about the environment. As chief executive officer of the Open Space Institute, he is dedicated to protecting scenic, natural, and historic landscapes.

With only a small fraction of charitable giving in the U.S. going to environmental conservation, Kim’s job isn’t easy.

“Community foundations play a huge role in helping organizations like OSI carry out our mission,” says Kim, who also serves on Adirondack Foundation’s Advisory Council. “It’s important to analyze and anticipate the problems and opportunities in our communities — you can’t be reactive. Adirondack Foundation understands that.”

“I rely on Adirondack Foundation because of the integrity of its process and the egality of its mission,” Kim adds. “As a second home owner, I look to the Foundation’s staff to understand the local issues and concerns far better than I can, and I prefer to consult with and delegate to them how best to approach those concerns. Adirondack Foundation serves a huge geography and constituency, and it serves the people and place with intelligence and enlightened approaches. Plus, it is fun to work with its engaged staff and committed board.”