Legacy donor honored in Clifton-Fine

Joan White, Director, Clifton Community Library

Celebration of four years of legacy grantmaking evokes community spirit, gratitude

When Robert Damoth passed away in 2012, he left a major bequest to his communities: Clifton-Fine, Cranberry Lake, and Star Lake. This year the grants from the Damoth Fund were the centerpiece of a public meeting of the Clifton Fine Economic Development Corporation.

"The grant award process has produced a feeling throughout Clifton-Fine that the Damoth legacy truly is a fundamental part of our community," said Damoth grants committee member Annette Craig. "The room was packed despite conflicting town meetings. Our county legislator Larry Denesha was present and heard impassioned remarks from award recipients describing their gratitude for the gifts."

Annette also serves on Adirondack Foundation's advisory council.

Grant award decisions are based on a project's impact on the community and the economy/tourism, its leveraging ability and innovative/creative solutions to regional challenges, and the organization's capacity to implement.

Throughout the evening, as grant recipients reported on their activities, Bob Damoth was mentioned over and over with gratitude and affection.  Four years of grant awards have had an enormous impact. It is a wonderful testament to the power of generosity within a community.