Love of nature leads to lasting legacy for loon conservation

Above: Dr. David Meiselman

Dr. David Meiselman was a world-famous economist who devoted his life to improving the lives of others.

As a young man he witnessed the ravages of the Great Depression on people made helpless by faulty economic theories and harmful government policies. Those experiences left him with the intense desire to understand and, if possible, to help correct such disastrous consequences.

After his discharge from the Army in 1946, the GI bill allowed him to graduate from Boston University with a degree in economics, and then to pursue graduate studies at the University of Chicago. There, he met Milton Friedman and, as he would say, his “intellectual life” really began.  Not only was he challenged by Friedman’s new ideas and original insights, but, like every other student in the rigorous Chicago atmosphere, he had to back up his own arguments with measurable facts from real-world experiences. This training was invaluable as he built his career in the academic and political world. He was a frequent witness on economic matters before Congress, served on several Presidential commissions, and became an “expert” witness in many legal battles.

Meanwhile, he and his family moved to a more rural setting in Northern Virginia where he was able to experience the beauties and wonders of the natural world in a way that had never been possible for him. His love of trees and birds grew to a passion and he was always ready to show visitors the latest shoots and blossoms or nestlings.

Sadly, after a long and multi-faceted retirement, David passed away in December of 2014. His family hopes to preserve his memory through the Adirondack Loon Legacy Fund dedicated to supporting the BRI’s Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation.

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