A passion for education

Muriel Ginsberg

Muriel Ginsberg at her home.

Muriel Ginsberg, a lifelong resident of Tupper Lake who passed away in December 2015 at the age of 106, established a scholarship fund at Adirondack Foundation to benefit Tupper Lake students.

It was almost impossible to get Muriel to talk about herself. She would veer off to something she viewed as more important, like the charitable organizations she supported, her parents Mose and May, and Ginsberg’s, which was Tupper Lake’s department store for 90 years.

The front room of her house was full of plaques recognizing her generosity and hands-on support for the benefit of the Tupper Lake community.

“She has done so much, that it is hard to keep it all straight,” said Erika Stenger, one of Muriel’s home assistant friends.

Muriel established an endowed fund at Adirondack Foundation, the Ginsberg Family Fund, that will generate scholarship grants for Tupper Lake students.

Her father, Mose Ginsberg, was a Russian immigrant who came to Tupper Lake as a teenager with nothing in his pockets. Through persistence and honesty, he emerged as the town’s major merchant and benefactor.

“Dad shared what we had, and we still do it,” said Muriel, who inherited his philanthropic spirit.

When he helped establish North Country Community College, Mose Ginsberg said that “education for the future is as essential as the air we breathe.”  The Ginsbergs have long supported higher education for Tupper Lake students because, in Muriel’s words, “We were poor once and know there are others who want an education and can use the help.” 

The Ginsberg Family Fund at Adirondack Foundation continues the family’s commitment to making higher learning accessible to everyone. It will be administered through Tupper Lake Central School. For more information, contact Cali Brooks, Adirondack Foundation's president and CEO, by emailing cali@adkfoundation.org.

Ginsberg Family Fund Donation