Planned Parenthood of the North Country

Martha Stahl of PPNCNY

Martha Stahl, former Vice President of External Affairs.

Planned Parenthood is one of the older nonprofit organizations in the Adirondack region and has been in the North Country since 1966. With seven different offices, the organization extends through five counties in the North Country. 

Planned Parenthood of the North Country has an endowment fund at Adirondack Foundation. Martha Stahl is former Vice President of External Affairs for Planned Parenthood:

"PPNCNY never had an endowment fund; we had always depended on annual fundraising to achieve our goals. Adirondack Foundation has always been a great resource for it’s nonprofit seminars and about a year ago our former president and CEO, Kathie Wunderlich, decided that beginning a fund through Adirondack Foundation would make the most sense in establishing opportunity for long term investment—encouraging sustainability within our organization.”

PPNCNY’s new president and CEO, Betsy Brown, was in agreement with establishing the fund.

“It truly was a good model, creating a healthier financial position for us,” Martha says.

“For six out of every 10 patients, Planned Parenthood is the sole source of healthcare in any given year,” Martha adds. “We hope that as local women and men gain insurance coverage, they will also increase their use of services. We recognize that the only way we can grow our resources is through the generosity of donors.”

The established fund at Adirondack Foundation will give PPNCNY the resources necessary to move forward with an ongoing stream of revenue should their service needs increase.

“Because of the rapid state of change” says Martha, “we need to have the resources to respond to needs quickly. The fund with Adirondack Foundation will help us be prepared for those needs, and will help us manage our capital needs over the long term.”

“The saying goes,” Martha adds, “that a rising tide raises all boats. It is clear that Adirondack Foundation is one of the catalysts in making tides rise for philanthropy within the Adirondack Park.”

-Written by Marin George, Adirondack Foundation Summer Intern, 2012