Simple gift leaves big impression

Above: Sean McCullough, left, and his friend Shane Hubbell.

Last December, during the holiday season, Deena and Mark McCullough received some heartwarming news: Shane Hubbell, a childhood friend of their son Sean, had made a donation in his memory.

The Sean P. McCullough Memorial Scholarship Fund was established at Adirondack Foundation in 2005 in honor of Sean, who died tragically at the age of 17. A gifted student, Sean was a talented leader and a dedicated athlete—a tireless competitor on the field and in the classroom.

“I want Sean’s memory to live on,” Shane says. “I think about him a lot, especially when I need a little extra motivation working through difficult situations, decisions, and everything else. Plus, the North Country could use a few more scholarship opportunities.”

For Deena and Mark, it was a touching gift.

“It reassured my faith in the young adults that philanthropy is important, and getting started early is a nice way to make a difference in the world,” Deena says.

“The donation will make a positive impact on a future North Country scholar and help sustain Sean’s legacy,” Mark adds.

To make a gift in Sean’s memory, please use the form below.

Sean P. McCullough Memorial Scholarship Fund Donation