Trustees, friends honored

Above: Barbara Linnell Glaser and her husband, Paul Zachos, pictured at the Adirondack Council’s 40th anniversary celebration.

Three friends of Adirondack Foundation were honored this year for their contributions to the Adirondack region.

In July, Dave Mason, vice chair of Adirondack Foundation’s Board of Trustees, and Jim Herman received the 2015 Harold K. Hochschild Award at the Adirondack Museum Benefit Gala.  The award recognizes Dave and Jim as “visionary community leaders, whose studied and inclusive approach, relentless grassroots work, and boundless dedication have created opportunities to find common ground and a brighter Adirondack future.”

Dave and Jim are management consultants who live in Keene. They’re perhaps best known for their work on ADK Futures, a project that stimulated new, collaborative thinking about challenges and opportunities in the Adirondacks. They also helped Adirondack Foundation launch the angel funding group Point Positive and, as leaders of the Keene Community Trust, were major players in recovery e‚fforts after Tropical Storm Irene.

“From our point of view, the best title for Dave and Jim is ‘Kings of Generous Acts.’ The time and talent they contribute to the Adirondacks is a gift given freely,” said Adirondack Foundation President & CEO Cali Brooks. 

Adirondack Foundation Trustee Barbara Linnell Glaser was honored, alongside Howie Kirschenbaum, at Great Camp Sagamore’s 40th anniversary celebration in August. In addition to co-founding Sagamore in its current form, Barbara is a conservation leader who has served on the Adirondack Council and Adirondack Chapter of The Nature Conservancy/Adirondack Land Trust boards, while also leading conservation eff‚orts in Saratoga Springs.

The benefit brought in gifts for a fund at Adirondack Foundation established by Barbara, the Sagamore Fund for Music and Trails, doubling the fund’s size.

“The fund makes sure there will always be music—and trails—at Sagamore,” Barbara said. 

“Barbara’s energy and passion for philanthropy is contagious,” Brooks said. “She is a donor in every respect of the word: she shares her wealth, her enthusiasm, and her ideas, all with the goal of making the world a better place.”