Voices of philanthropy

At our 20th birthday celebration, diverse donors, nonprofit leaders, and friends told us what their relationship with Adirondack Foundation means to them.

"The donors, the Board, the volunteers, the staff—this organization is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to everyone who has been involved over the years. I take great pride in having played a role.”—Meredith Prime, co-founder of Adirondack Foundation

"At the heart of a good charity is empathy. The community foundation brings with it the added value of a bird’s-eye view of the entire region. They talk to so many people, from so many parts of Adirondack life. With that information at their fingertips, the foundation is able to work with a community’s specific needs, and can also see how they fit in the context of the broader regional community. I’m very impressed with the foundation’s initiatives, from convening in basic ways to taking on long-term projects like the Adirondack Birth to Three Alliance.”—Harriet Barlow, Blue Mountain Center

"The foundation is a guiding light. They work with my husband and me to maximize our philanthropy, and they work with groups like the Community Fund for the Gore Mountain Region to give back to the organizations that enhance our lives. There is an energy and enthusiasm behind their work. The best part is they do the day-to-day work involved with philanthropy, and the more we work with Cali and her team, the more we understand about the needs of our communities.”—Elise Widlund, Samwise Fund

"It’s a really overwhelming thing, to have an idea that you’re really passionate about that you think can make a difference, and not have an idea how to proceed. Adirondack Foundation listened to me—helped me shape my idea into a viable project that matched the priorities and values of my community. I’m grateful that this foundation is working with other people like me to take good ideas and turn them into collective impact.”—Rob Carr, founder of Play ADK, a play-based, interactive children’s museum being developed for Saranac Lake

"You have your finger on the pulse. You know the needs of the people and places of the Adirondacks. Mercy Care has benefited significantly, not just from the foundation’s financial support, but also the connections you’ve helped us make with people who can help support the work that we’re doing.”—Donna Beal, executive director of Mercy Care for the Adirondacks