What is the Generous Acts Fund?

Philanthropy is people coming together with time, knowledge, skills, and money to discuss a community need and come up with a solution.

That’s why the Generous Acts Fund was created two years ago. It’s a program to mobilize the diverse assets at Adirondack Foundation—our skilled staff, our experienced Board,
and the generous gifts entrusted to us—to address needs in our communities, both current and future.

As we head toward our 20th year, Adirondack Foundation is committed to using its Generous Acts Fund to address the unmet needs we’ve identified through research, stakeholder interviews, and community conversations.

We can do it, but only with you. Your gifts, your knowledge, your skills—together we can make a difference. This is community. Join us.

Our mission

The Generous Acts Fund is a perpetual and flexible resource to drive positive and enduring social change in the Adirondack region by:

  • Providing funds to address unmet current needs with the highest levels of integrity and community leadership
  • Promoting collaborative activity that leads to new levels of social profit
  • Building the capacity of nonprofits that serve our communities

What donors are saying

"I like the idea of pooling my gift with those of others, in a fund that will keep on giving well into the future and where the need is greatest.”—Annette Merle-Smith, Donor

"The Generous Acts Fund is here for the long haul. When you give today, you’re helping to grow a resource that will keep giving back to the community decades from now. That is powerful.”—David Heidecorn, Donor & Adirondack Foundation Trustee, Generous Acts Funds Co-Chair

Generous Acts Donation