Create a Fund

Adirondack Foundation offers a variety of choices to help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

How it Works

Working with Adirondack Foundation staff, you define the purpose of your fund and how you want it to function (a list of fund types is provided below). Together, we craft an agreement that lays out your intentions and Adirondack Foundation’s responsibilities. Your fund is established with an initial gift, and you can grow your fund with additional giving. Many donors include their charitable funds at Adirondack Foundation in their estate plans as well. It’s also possible to start a fund with a bequest or other planned gift. Contact Melissa Eisinger at for more information.

When you set up your fund, you will also receive login ability for our Donor Central website, which gives you 24/7 access to your fund’s balance, the amount available to grant out, fund activity, and a link to Adirondack Gives, our crowdfunding site.

The amount available to grant out each year depends on the type of fund you create - permanent or flexible. Permanent funds currently follow a spending policy of 5% of the average of the fund balance over the most recent 12 quarters. Flexible funds can be spent down to the minimum of $10,000. Fees also vary depending on fund types and size - click here to view our fee schedule. Investment returns are reported net of fees.

Adirondack Foundation provides administrative support, educational programming, financial and investment management and publicity, when it is appropriate. 

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the pleasures of giving.

To set up a fund with Adirondack Foundation, or if you have any questions, please contact Melissa Eisinger at or (518) 523-9904. 

Donor Advised Fund (Donor's Choice)

A Donor Advised Fund is an ideal way to fulfill your immediate charitable interests and broader charitable goals, especially if your interests vary or may change over time. 

Establishing a private foundation can be an excellent tool for perpetuating family traditions of giving and community involvement, but it can also be an administrative burden. By partnering with Adirondack Foundation and establishing a Donor Advised Fund, you can leave the hassles to us and enjoy simpler giving options. 

A donor may establish a permanent or a fully expendable “flex” Donor Advised Fund. The minimum for grantmaking from a permanent fund is $25,000. Flexible funds must maintain a minimum of $10,000.

To recommend grants, you or the fund’s designated representative inform Adirondack Foundation through Donor Central of your intention.  (Staff are available to help out during business hours.) Adirondack Foundation then performs due diligence to be sure the grant designee is a qualified nonprofit 501(c)(3) or other eligible organization. All grant recommendations are approved by Adirondack Foundation's Board of Trustees, who have fiduciary responsibility. A check is then sent out under the name of your fund. This process takes two weeks at most.

Additional information:

Designated Fund (Annual Grantmaking)

A Designated Fund allows you to specify particular charitable organizations that will receive the income from your permanent fund annually, providing perpetual ongoing support to your favorite causes.  The minimum for grantmaking from a Designated Fund is $25,000.

For many donors, this is an ideal way to endow annual giving to organizations they have supported over the years. It is especially popular among bequest donors who want their gift to keep on giving reliably, well into the future.

Scholarship Fund

You can help Adirondack students attain higher education by creating your own scholarship fund at Adirondack Foundation or by contributing to the Adirondack Scholarship Fund, administered by the Crary Foundation. The minimums for Scholarship Funds differ according to their complexity. Those that generate one grant annually to a particular school start at $60,000, whereas those that are highly targeted and require an allocations committee start at $150,000. Gifts of any size may be made to the Adirondack Scholarship Fund, which makes grants based on motivation and need. 

Unrestricted Fund (Meet Changing Needs of our Community)

Donors who establish Unrestricted Funds allow Adirondack Foundation to identify needs and opportunities in the community and direct grants where they will have the greatest impact. The minimum for a named permanent Unrestricted Fund is $25,000. Gifts of any size are very welcome to the Generous Acts Fund, through which Adirondack Foundation addresses unmet needs throughout the region.

Geographic Field of Interest Fund

Perhaps you know which type of charitable activity or a specific place you want to support, but don’t want to limit your grantmaking to one specific organization. You can set up a Field of Interest Fund that targets the purpose or place you have in mind. Permanent Field of Interest Fund minimum is $25,000.