Grants & Scholarships


Everyday, nonprofit organizations provide essential services to communities throughout the region. Grant awards from Adirondack Foundation support this critical work and aim to maximize the effectiveness of the sector in the following program areas: education, culture, human well being, environment and community vitality. Follow this link to:

These links also provide helpful information for those seeking grants, and for those who have received a grant from Adirondack Foundation:

To see a list of grants awarded in our last fiscal year, take a look at our 990 here or contact us

To fund projects in particular geographic areas, please click here to learn more about our three community funds.

Please contact Program Officer Andrea Grout at (518) 523-9904 or if you have any questions about our grant programs.


What could be more important for the future of the Adirondack region than to educate our children? Scholarship funds have been created to benefit specific educational institutions or fields of study. Donors can set up an advisory committee as well as define guidelines for selecting recipients and award use. There are a small number of scholarship funds at Adirondack Foundation to which students can apply for support. Each of these scholarship funds has unique interests, from supporting aspiring journalists to assisting future doctors to return to the region to practice medicine. These scholarship funds use a competitive application process to make decisions. Follow the link below to:

Applications for the majority of Adirondack Foundation's scholarship funds are made through the school. Follow the link below for:

Bruce L. Crary Foundation

Learn more about our unique partnership with the Bruce L. Crary Foundation and the amazing work they do sending Adirondack students to college:

Additional Information

These links also provide helpful information for those seeking scholarships, and for those who have received a scholarshipfrom Adirondack Foundation: