Generous Acts Fund

What is the Generous Acts Fund?

The Generous Acts Fund was established by the Adirondack Foundation as a perpetual and flexible resource to drive positive and enduring social change in the Adirondack region by:

  • Providing funds to creatively address unmet current needs with the highest levels of integrity and community leadership
  • Promoting collaborative investment leading to extraordinary levels of growth in social profit to address unmet future needs
  • Building the capacity and capabilities of nonprofit organizations 

The Generous Acts Fund is unique for a number of reasons: 

Each gift to the Generous Acts Fund is amplified by those of others to collectively generate the greatest possible positive impact on Adirondack communities.  Every donor can make a difference, no matter the gift size.
The Generous Acts Fund is flexible due to its unrestricted nature and the Adirondack Foundation does the work of identifying the pressing needs and emerging opportunities of the region so that the positive impacts of the dollars are maximized. Because the fund is flexible it can also reward creativity, innovation, and what we call social entrepreneurship leading to extraordinary levels of growth in social profit. This is illustrated by the great work of the Birth to Three Initiative and the creation of the Adirondack Gives platform. 
The Generous Acts Fund is a perpetual resource that will support generations to come.  We don’t know what our communities will need in 25, 50, or 100 years from now. Whatever challenges or opportunities our communities will be facing then the Generous Acts Fund will be there to make a difference.


Generous Acts Fund (GAF) grants are single-year and competitive. To help organizations determine whether to apply this year, the Foundation provides these guidelines.

The Generous Acts Fund is always looking for highly impactful and innovative opportunities to make grants. The current priority focus areas are: Early childhood education and Quality of life for elders.

Quality of life for elders: Applications will support programs or organizations that provide healthy lifestyle options for active retirees as well as elder care. Qualifying applications will address quality of life for senior citizens through community wellness, recreation, transportation, aging in place empowerment programs, home & community based services, and strategies that relieve isolation and loneliness.

Early childhood education: Applications will support the vision of our Adirondack Birth to Three Alliance--that all young children are healthy, learning, and thriving in families that are supported by a full complement of services and resources essential for successful development. Qualifying applications will promote literacy, school readiness, enhanced educational experiences, childhood nutrition and parental support.

The Foundation will review applications that might fill an unusual and pressing need that does not appear in these guidelines. Please contact Adirondack Foundation staff at 518-523-9904 prior to completing your application. This program will not fund capital campaigns. 

**Note to all applicants: Please be sure to describe the need that your program addresses and why it is important. Also, if your application is successful and your program needs change after being awarded a grant, you must check in with us before changing the way the funds will be used. 

Click here to see what Adirondack Foundation aspires to accomplish through the Generous Acts Fund. We hope this will help our applicants to describe your requests in a manner that best displays the impact you can have on our priority areas.

Grant size: Typical grants will be in the $1,000 to $2,500 range. A limited number may be as high as $10,000.
Applications are available through our Online Grants Manager
Who can apply: Nonprofit organizations, schools and municipalities. If you have questions about whether your program meets the criteria, please contact Adirondack Foundation staff at 518-523-9904 prior to completing your application.

Deadlines and notifications:
2016-2017: Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on February 13.  Grant notifications will be in early April.

Grant recipients may be asked to submit a follow up report six months after the award on how the grant funds were used and how you would assess the project. An electronic notification will be sent to you if you are required to submit a follow up report and an electronic reminder will be sent before the report is due.
Give to the Generous Acts Fund

You can join a movement to build the power of philanthropy in the Adirondacks with a gift to the Generous Acts Fund at Adirondack Foundation, the only charitable organization in the region that supports and enhances the work of all the nonprofits that serve our communities.  We award more than $2 million in grants annually to charitable organizations in the region and beyond.

To make a gift to the Generous Acts Fund, enter any amount in the field below and tell us if you're making a gift in honor or memory of a person or organization. Your gift is tax-deductible.

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