Generous Acts Fund

Your Generous Acts Fund gift goes the distance. Joined with the gifts of others, it works to solve the most pressing needs in our region by empowering Adirondack Foundation to focus its efforts and grantmaking where philanthropy can make the biggest difference.

The Generous Acts Fund (GAF) is an unrestricted pool of gifts made by people who care about our communities. Our Board of Trustees and staff, advised by an information network that spans the region, does the groundwork, research, and evaluation required to make effective grants—so your charitable dollars S-T-R-E-T-C-H for greatest impact.

GAF is a flexible, ongoing resource for Adirondack communities. We cannot see into the future, but the GAF will be here to respond to whatever circumstances arise.

Deeply grateful to the donors who made it possible for the Foundation to carry out its work and award $100,000 in grants in 2017, we appeal to you to help us match or exceed that level in 2018.

Increasing our capacity to do good is Adirondack Foundation’s number one priority. Please join us in making Generous Acts one of your own top charitable priorities. Together, we can make a major difference to the communities we cherish. Thank you.

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